Leather in shoes or in drapes, in both ways, they look just exquisite. Isn’t it? Or have you tried the look ever before? If not, then this is the high time to try them.

Wondering how to wear a leather skirt? Well, the doubt is out with IndiaRush when you wear leather online skirts with trendy and fashionable top wears. There are ample of ways to spruce up your leather look but here mentioned are some of them which will definitely give the best shot worn by anyone. Women with any kind of body shape, complexion and stature can adopt these styles to look fabulous in no time. Now, take the queue ladies and fashion enthusiasts from six of our favourite rocking street styles to nail them in every possible way.

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Top With Laces

Laced up tops are the prettiest ones because you don’t need to think twice or thrice while putting on or down. The laces make the job easy and a clean solid colour heavenly accentuates the leather appeal. If the leather is in matte, you can choose deep or matte hues in top wears and can strut on the road wearing pop coloured heels. A high collared choker adheres will be awesome to pair with this attire.

Boyfriend Denim Shirt

Wanna look cool and super cool?

Well, you have the skirt which is meant to make you look stunning and the addition of boyfriend denim shirt is making the whole scene more hot and sassy. Simply, tuck in the shirt and let it loose from the above. Just forget to close the first two buttons of the shirt and manage the hotness by wearing tube top as an innerwear.

Trench Coat

After Priyanka Chopra and her Amazonic trench coat, the number just gets another level of the hike. Team up your sass with a red hot leather skirt for women, top and layer it over all with a beige or tan coloured trench coat. Make sure the length of the trench coat is not crossing the last line of the skirt. Complement your stud look with catchy danglers, metallic watch and Louboutins.

Hi-Neck Sweaters

Whether the season is getting warmer day by day or evil winter is on the way, leather skirts and hi necks never fade their charm all along the year. So, this time, wear your leather draped number with a baggy hi neck sweatshirt, sweater or top and forget to be a reflection to impress others.

This time, you will get ready for yourself.

Complement your complete attire with a boxy women bag and round sun shades.

Crop Top

Sassiness comes in instalments but this time, the interest rate is double and they come together. Slip into the sassiness of your crop top or bustier and complement the same with a contrasting leather skirt. Wear an oxidised choker and stud nose pin to complete the look.

With Bralette

Show off like a bold diva and pair your tight skirt with a bralette. A bralette is the second form of the bra, in which your bust line is fully covered and the length goes till the mid rib. Make a fishtail braid and keep it aside. Wear your metallic watch and stud earrings to finish off the mysterious look.


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